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 HBS Healthcare Alumni Annual Conference

November 6 & 7, 2014

Healthcare is a dynamic industry, where new technologies, providers, regulations, and trends continually join the marketplace. One thing remains constant - the need to be connected to people, information, organizations, and education.

This year’s conference will bring together individuals who are not only industry leaders but are changing the very nature of the business of healthcare.


Program Highlights

Boom or Bust? Lean in or Pull Back? Long or Short?

There has been significant activity in the healthcare markets during 2014. Looking ahead, the experts all have different opinions as to where venture, private equity, and public markets are headed. One observation is for sure -- there's money to be made. Join us as our panel of experts discusses where the markets are headed and what you should be doing to be prepared. Be sure to bring your smartphone, iPad, or laptop, as you'll be voicing your opinions throughout the session via real-time polling.

Industry Focused Tracks


Emerging Business Opportunity or Passing Fancy?

While much of the public debate over healthcare today relates to the Affordable Care Act and the snafus around public exchanges, many insiders are more optimistic about the growth opportunities of private health insurance exchanges, web-based "marketplaces" that allow an employer to continue to provide health care benefits but both limit their financial exposure and get them out of the business of managing these benefits.  Spurred on by large employers like Sears, Darden and most recently Walgreen's adopting private exchanges, many are anticipating significant movement, and accordingly a number of entrepreneurs and established companies have sought to create offerings ahead of what they see as growing market demand.   Join us as we hear from those who have created exchanges as well as companies that have already made the choice to migrate to these new channels.


The Convergence of Healthcare Devices and Genomics

As technology races ahead, clinicians and business leaders struggle to catch up.  What clinical developments are unfolding from advances in digital health and social media in the wild.  And what business models are gaining traction?


New Models for Drug Development

Several negative trends have been impacting drug development over the last decade. The cost and duration of drug development has increased, while the probability of success has decreased in many indications. This, in part, drove venture investors away from investing in high-risk, early-stage innovation.  Meanwhile, the return on investment of in-house biopharma R&D has been steadily declining. This has forced these companies to look externally for pipeline assets through their BD and corporate venture groups. Biopharma companies have also been increasingly investing upstream in early-stage research, going so far as to partner directly with universities. In this session, we endeavor to explore new models of identifying, funding, and developing innovative science.


The Affordable Care Act:
What’s Done, What’s Coming & What You Need to Know

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) represents the most significant regulatory overhaul of the US healthcare system since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid. The ACA was enacted with the goals of increasing the quality, availability, and affordability of healthcare in the US.  What has already been implemented?  What are the next significant milestones on the horizon? What could be the impact if the Republicans take control of the Senate in November?  Are there continuing opportunities for innovation?





























 Speakers & Agenda

*  Regina E Herzlinger, PhD
Professor of Business Administration,
Harvard Business School

*  Jonathan Bush, MBA 1997
President & CEO
athenahealth Inc

*  Sandy Carter, MBA 1989
General Partner,
IBM Ecosystem Development

*  Michael Dal Bello, MBA 2002
Investment Partner,
Pritzker Group

*  Brad Fleugel
SVP & Chief Strategy Officer,

*  Jim Foreman
Managing Director,
Towers Watson

*  Gary L Gottlieb, MD, MBA
President & CEO,
Partners HealthCare

*  John Kelliher
Senior Managing Director,
Marwood Group

*  Joe Kveder, MD
Founder & Director,
Partners Center for Connected Health

*  Matthew Levin
EVPt & Head of Global Strategy,
Aon Corporation

*  Steve Plochocki
NextGen Healthcare Systems

*  John Polanowicz
Executive Office of HHS,
State of Massachusetts

*  View the full agenda


Breakfast Roundtables

One of the popular conference sessions, Roundtable Discussions, get executives swapping valuable ideas and experiences on some of the most important issues facing the business of healthcare.  They are being held Friday, November 7 over breakfast, from 7:15-8:30 am.

If you are interested in hosting a Roundtable, please submit your discussion topic to  Leaders are eligible for a discounted conference rate.

Enhanced Networking

Networking is the primary reason alumni attend year after year. At this year's conference we will again be creating an Attendee Directory (with photos), badges indicating industry affiliation, and a message board to schedule on-the-fly meetings all to make it easier to identify important healthcare connections with fellow alumni.




November 6 & 7, 2014


One Bennett Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Early Bird rates through September 23.


Special rates at The Charles are available for a limited time or until our block is fulfilled.



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